Work from home tips to do it in modern way to save time

3 Work From Home Secret tips that help you

Work from home is the talk of the town as everyone is doing work by staying at home in this pandemic. This is not a new animal that comes from Mars and Landed on Earth but it’s already a part of this planet. Several people are doing work from home even before COVID-19 but are not in the spotlights.

A normal full-time job includes 9-12 hours a day for five to six days a week depends on the type of entity. People are now working from the comfort of their homes due to this crisis.

Here, you have the flexibility to take breaks and complete the work within a given timeframe. But still, many people complain that they ran out of time to fulfill their daily tasks. The reason is the way of doing things that decides your output for a day.


Let’s understand the meaning of Work from home before the secret sauce.

What does work from home mean?

In a layman language, a person working from home considers it as work from home. It’s very easy, but why are people finding it difficult? Let’s find out in this article!

Nothing is right or wrong, your perspective decides what is right or wrong for you. A person working with strategies finds work from home an easy and most prominent thing. While a person unable to handle the work pressure will find this as difficult and consider it as a wrong thing.

Let’s find out the types and benefits that differentiate this into different parts.

The infographic depicts two kinds of this platform. Where one segment of people is happy and has powers as compared to the other one. A person staying at home and doing work online as a self-employed can decide their hours, pay, and get what they want. On another hand, an employee working from home does not have all these powers.

Did you notice that both are using similar work criteria but with differences?

One category is happy and another one is Sad. The only reason behind this change in the emotions of these people is the way of doing the work. If you work using old and traditional ways, you end up with stress and frustration.

We are lucky that we live in an era of technology that enhances our living standards. But lack of awareness increases frustration and work depression.

What are the pros and cons of working from home?

Everyone has different opinions about work from home as it depends on their work. A person who works using tactics will take less compared to a person who does it the old way. 

According to my opinion, work from home is a boon for us to live our life on our terms only using some secret tips…

Benefits of remote work from home

Several benefits of working from our comfortable place are:

Time Flexibility- It is the foremost benefit of this concept that allows us to work at our own pace. Every full-time employee is bound to reach the office on a stipulated time. But this pandemic saves you from that tension. 

No Formal Wear– You get the advantage of working in your track pants without worrying about the formal dress. When I was working as a full-time employee I too hated this formal wear dress.

Full-on Entertainment- Offices, in general, are so boring that normal work seems like pressure. Mobile Phones are not allowed in offices. Why do employers think no smartphones on the premises will increase productivity. But in reality, offices that give freedom to employees have more productivity. But here you can use Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, listening to music along with the work.

Spending quality time with Family– In today’s busy lives, everyone is running in a rat race to find their way of living their lives. Families of working employees deprive of their love, affection, and their time. But this COVID gave you a second chance in life to revive all your missing life moments with your family.

Challenges of online work from home

Time management Issues- Lack of time management leads to low productivity and stress. In the situation of COVID-19, stress among people affects their working lifestyle. Everyone works at home that extends their normal working hours.

Unorganized place- The atmosphere of the office planned to enhance the productivity of its employees. But it’s not an excuse to say you can’t organize your workplace at home because you are not in the office. 

Stress management Another biggest challenge is unable to handle stress while working. Imagine, you are cooking something with no focus and when someone tastes that dish it comes as a blunder. Working in stress is the same thing.

   Secret Tips

70:30 Rule- Everyone gives the majority of their day to their work and still does not complete it in a given timeframe. The reason behind this lack of attention towards what you are doing. Focus quality and not on Quantity.

Divide your whole day into two parts where 70% of the time to work and rest 30% to family, social interactions, and so on.

For example, you are working a 9-10 hours shift which means you have 540-600 minutes of the work shift.

600*70%= 420 minutes or 7 hours for  Work

600*30%= 180 minutes or 3 hours for other things

Believe me, this magic trick will help you in completing your work before its deadline. But give your full attention to the stipulated hours for better results.

Power short Breaks- As per the study of successful people in the world, the reason for their productivity is short breaks. We have a habit of doing work without any break but this is the main reason for not completing tasks on time.

When a person takes 5 minutes break every 1 hour, then its productivity increases.

A neat and organized place for work- Creative energies of your mind get blocked when you are surrounded by dirty areas. A wise person chooses a silent and tidy place to increase their productivity.

A place of work plays an important role in fluctuating your work productivity. Always organize your workplace to stay focused on your task and not on the distractions.

You can overcome all your work from home challenges by using these secret tips. These methods were tried by Warren Buffett, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Zuckerberg, and William Shakespeare.

Remember one thing these people are once common men but today they are role models of many people.  These secrets applied by successful personalities in its life.

I want to say that work from home is not easy but at the same time, it’s not impossible. Change your working style, you will find good results in a matter of time. Try these methods to complete your daily assignment before your deadline.

Please give your suggestions about work from home. Do Like and share this piece of happiness to spread positivity. Share this to help people in this pandemic on LinkedIn, What’s App, and other mediums.

Thanks for your time in reading this article.

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