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7 Earn money online Genuine ways to help Mother in a lockdown

How to help the mother during a lockdown? Here are online earning ideas to help Mother earn money online during a lockdown.

I do not understand why people think that a woman has no aspirations in their life after becoming a mother.

A woman is gone through several biological changes to be a mother by carrying a new life in her womb. That’s a wonderful thing that demands respect and the freedom to do whatever they want from its life.

Earn money online in a lockdown

But don’t worry Mothers, I have come up with different ways to earn money online for you to reignite all your dreams.

I know the significance of my mother in my own life that inspires me a lot to do in giving financial freedom to you. I know that majority of women forgets about their dreams after they become a mother.

But I want to say that start thinking about yourself. You have given a lot to your families and relations but always getting disrespect from them.

I have heard a famous dialogue of a husband to her wife that “ Tum hamesha gar par hi rehti ho, Kama to main Raha hu”.

The family members never understand the cost of a mother, wife, daughter in law, sister in law, and so on. As they emphasize only on the quantity(money) and not on quality(Hard work).

Its high time ladies to show your real strength to your families and the entire society by doing what you love to do.

There are several examples of women plus Mothers who excel in different fields. The reason behind their success is its self-confidence, self-respect, and faith in itself.

Mary Kom as a Mother

MARY KOM is a renowned Boxing champion of India is also a Mother. But this does not restrict her in achieving her dreams. She balanced her career and the family like a pro to inspire other women.

The above example shows that success does not depend on what you are today but it depends on what you do today. No doubt difficulties will come in whatever new thing you will do. But your determination and faith in yourself reduce all the troubles.

Never believe in what people say about you as always follow your heart and nailed it. It says that “ Jab koi kaam ko shiddat se chaho to puri kaynaat use Tumse milane me lag jaati hai”

Attention Mothers, I have genuine ways to make money online that help you to be independent. These opportunities you can do it along with their daily routine work by staying at home.

I want to tell you that these make money online from home requires no experience. The majority of these you can do it from your Smartphone or laptop.

Let’s start at 7 ways to earn money online for Mothers in this lockdown. A female that is capable of handling their home and families can do these jobs.


We share anything in our life with the family members and friends in a daily routine. It is nothing but sharing of thoughts and feelings of a person with the whole world.

In this platform, you can express your opinions about your own life, travel, hobbies, interest, and so on.

Blogging seems difficult for many people as they are not aware of this platform but believe me it’s not.

Anyone can start blogging and earn good money along with your daily household works. You can write blogs in English as well as in Hindi or any other regional languages.

There are several easy steps to start blogging and earn money given below:

Step 1 Select a niche or topic which you want to talk about in your blogs(thoughts or feelings). It can be one, two, or more than two as there is no restriction.

If you have an interest in cooking then write about recipes, share cooking tips, and so on.

Step 2 After selecting a topic or niche, you need to buy a domain name for your blog site. A domain name is an address of your site like the address of your home. Must help visitors in finding the location of your website.

You can get the domain name for your blog site using:



Step 3 The Next step is to get web hosting to run your created blogs on the internet. To come to the notice of the people searching on search engines like Google.

You can access affordable web hosting from Bluehosting

Step 4 Create a WordPress website to publish your blogs on the search engines to get traffic. Nowadays, technology helps us in creating awesome websites within 5 minutes.

You can create websites in 2-5 minutes using WordPress

2. Online Tuition

Mother is the first teacher of every child before they enrolled in a school. A mother teaches important life lessons to educate them. A mom can earn money by using these skills by teaching other children by staying at home.

Online tutoring is the best way to share your Talent to train others and get money in return.

You can teach students of any class starting from 1st grade to 12th grade. Even more than that depending on your interests.

Things required to do this work are a smartphone or laptop, a good internet connection, and that’s it.

You can check these websites to start your online tutoring work after reading this blog:




When I first heard about selling stock images and earn money from that, I got shocked. I never thought that a person can monetize their photographs too.

So I got curious about this earn money online and got amazed by the results.

We capture our happy moments during festivals, vacations, trips, get-togethers. People click so many images using their smartphone that hangs the phone due to full storage.

But don’t worry, now you can earn money from all your clicked photos.

These are the sites that allow in making money online by selling your photographs





Another genuine opportunity to make money online is through podcasting. Many of you are thinking, what is this ‘Podcasting’ but let me simplify this term to make you understand.

In earlier times, people or companies use radio as a medium to convey their thoughts and feelings.

Likewise, it has introduced as an earning opportunity in expressing thoughts and opinions. You can record your voice about any topics, services and spread it among your friends.

Using various mediums such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and so on.. This comes under podcasting where you can earn money by using your own voice.

You can think of many ideas but let me share with you one idea that helps you in starting this work. If you are ready to earn money and be independent.

In today’s world, everyone is so depressed and stressed due to the current condition. You can use your voice in helping people coming out of depression.

You can earn money by charging fees from people who want to listen to your opinion. People excited to know about “How to handle stress in lives?”

  1. Google Podcasts
  2. Audible
  3. Skillshare


Doremon, Chhota bheem are famous cartoon channels of your kids. Do you know who are the people gave their voices to these characters?

Don’t worry, I am here to tell you that voice over artist is another earning opportunity for Women. And, mothers that can bring out their hidden talent.

In this work, you can give your voice to any character be it kid, girl, boy, old age person, and so on to increase your money.

These are the platforms that help you in searching for prospective opportunities:

  1. Voice123
  2. Filmless


Food recepies

According to the society, cooking is only for Women as they never accept Men as a chef in this field. But hold on, what if you can earn from the food recipes that passed on to you from your mother or grandmother.

Everyone exposes to junk foods due to the increasing culture of a neutral family. So they demand these recipes to live a peaceful life.

You can use your cooking recipes in helping out these people. Bachelors living away from home get the feeling of a joint family where they get home food and care as well.

Talking about today’s scenario by comparing it with the earlier time is very isolated. This mentality of people leads to depression as when there is no one to listen to them.

Several websites that help you in sharing your recipes with the whole world are:

  1. Kindle
  2. Rceipes contest Online
  3. Food channel


Everyone heard of Amazon’s website. This helps you out in finding your potential products. The majority of you prefer this genuine website while purchasing anything you want.

But do not use this platform for spending money but also use for Earning. You can start your online store with amazon by selling anything you want to sell.

Some websites help you in building your stores online:

  1. Amazon
  2. Shopify

I have added details about How to help the mother during a lockdown? in this article.

I want to say that Ladies you have a lot of strength as compare to men so do not think that you cannot do all the above jobs. Remember one thing you carry a man in your womb so how can a woman is weaker than a man.

Your current action determines your future and your family’s perspectives towards you. If you want to inspire other Mothers to be independent in her life then try one or more than one job.

I want to get your suggestions about these jobs or you facing any problems in starting this work and so on…….

Thanks for reading my opinion about Women and Mothers and Hope you like it.

Is it possible to make money online at home?

Yes, it is true that all the ladies can make extra money by doing work online.

Is there any investment required in doing online work?

No, there is no investment required in doing online work from home. Nowadays, every small business require enough investment to start anything but these jobs require no such investment.

Which is the best job for Mothers?

Mothers can do Blogging and podcasting to earn good money.

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